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What About the Disney Perks? Part I WHAT ARE THE PERKS? 

January 25, 2020

An in-depth look at the benefits of Resale DVC Memberships

“But what about all those perks I’ll miss out on by purchasing my Disney Vacation Club membership through the resale market?!” This is a common question we at DVC Sales are asked all the time. In this three-part series, we’ll take an in-depth look at the differences between choosing to purchase your DVC membership on the resale market vs. buying directly through Disney. Below, we discuss what these perks, or “Membership Extras,” include. 


First, let’s break down what every DVC member is entitled to, regardless of how you choose to purchase your membership. You have the option to stay at 14 Disney Vacation Club resorts located at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hilton Head, SC, Vero Beach, FL, and Hawaii. You may also exchange vacation points to stay at non-Disney resorts around the world through the RCI program. 

Most importantly, you’ll get to experience the magic of Disney for years to come, knowing that your vacations at the happiest places on the planet are already paid for. You’ll get to call Disney your second home; relaxing from the theme parks in home-like accommodations with views that range from Cinderella’s Castle to grazing giraffes on an African Savanna. You’ll even be greeted with a friendly, “Welcome home!” when returning to your DVC resort.


DVC’s Membership Extras are available to those who purchase at least 100 vacation points directly from Disney. These “Extras” include special events and discounts at select dining locations and on Disney merchandise. They also include discounts on annual passes and the ability to use vacation points for a Disney Cruise. 

These benefits may seem like a great deal, but do they really add up? We’ll explore the numbers of direct DVC and resale DVC purchases in a future post. We’ll also explore alternative ways to enjoy many of the same benefits while saving on the membership itself. 


The example above is a current option for anyone who is a member- direct buyer or resale buyer- to use their points to buy a cruise through David’s Point Rentals.

While the idea of using DVC points to take a Disney Cruise may seem like a good idea, most members would not consider this a good value. Often, you would be better off renting out your vacation points and taking the cash to buy a cruise.

It’s worth noting that Disney specifies that DVC Membership Extras are “incidental benefits” and they are subject to change without notice at any time. They also discourage potential DVC members from basing their purchase solely on the availability of these Extras, since they may (and often do) change. 


Compared to the cost-savings of buying your DVC membership on the resale marketplace, the value of Membership Extras simply doesn’t add up. In our next post, we’ll crunch the numbers to discover the value of buying your Disney Vacation Club membership here at DVC Sales.   

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