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Rent DVC Points Buying

Many sites offers both options i.e. to rent DVC points as well as to buy them. This is usually done under the guise that it gives you the chance to ‘test drive’ membership before committing to a full purchase. We feel this is NOT a good idea, and here’s is a good reason for that-

  • First, you’ll be paying for something that has no lasting value. Once a rented point is used it’s gone. Why not use that cash for an actual purchase?
  • By renting, you’ll be placing your trust in the actual owner of the points. If they fail to maintain their membership, either by not keeping up with their maintenance fees or if they fall delinquent, then those points are worthless, leaving you out of money as well as out of luck. This means there is a chance the reservation could be cancelled for non-payment of dues, late payments, or even foreclosure.
  • Next, the risk is minimal if you choose to purchase a DVC Membership on the secondary market. The person who pays full price (from the Disney Vacation Club) and then decides to sell, will have to sell at a reduced price, thus losing money. If, however, you purchase on the secondary market, the risk is greatly reduced.
  • Finally, there are tax implications. If you rent DVC points from a Member, expect to receive a form from a rental company asking for your social security number.

All things considered, it makes far more sense to purchase a Membership, as opposed to renting points. This way, you and your family can start enjoying the privileges of membership immediately. We hope you’ll trust DVC Sales to assist you with your purchase!