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SUMMARY OF Animal Kingdom (AK341)

USE YEAR: February
SELLERS ASKING PRICE: $112.50 / $23,625.00


Year Banked Into Available Bankable
2019 7 7
2020 210 420 210
2021 210 210


CLOSING COSTS (PAID BY BUYER): Closing Costs Are Paid By The Buyer. (Not Including Any Lender Fees)
2020 ANNUAL DUES: (210 Points x $7.67)

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: (Excluding Lender Fees)

Please check the boxes below before making your offer.

  • All purchasers names are spelled correctly, with middle initials included, if necessary.
  • I understand I am purchasing a real estate interest and will be required to sign a purchase agreement and send a deposit to the title company within 3 Days.
  • I have completed the Addition Questions section on the My Information page (Disney requires this information before starting the R.O.F.R. process).

How the Buying Process Works:

As a buyer, once you create an account and complete the My Information Page, you may then make an offer on a contract that is available for sale on our listing page. An offer may be broken down into several parts:

  • Your offer price
  • Your understanding the closing costs are paid by the buyer.
  • Your understanding the current year’s annual dues for any available points that are bankable are typically paid by the buyer, unless otherwise stated and agreed upon.
  • Once the above items are clearly understood, select the green MAKE AN OFFER button.

Your offer will immediately be presented to the seller. The seller will accept, decline or counter your offer.

If the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the offer, a contract will be sent to each party to sign and return to We will then send your contract to both the Title Company and Disney. Disney has a 30 windows of time to review the contract and decide if they would like to step in (at the previously agreed terms) as the buyer. This process is called ROFR. (Right Of First Refusal). If Disney becomes the buyer, the member receives the exact same price, and the buyer may either choose another contract that is available, or request a refund of their deposit.

We will sent you updates as we progress through the sales process. Typically, it takes 60-75 days to close once buyer and seller have signed the paperwork. The buyer is required to send a 10% to 15% deposit (to the title company) within 3 days of signing the contract or it will become void. Instructions for the deposit are on the contract. All checks should be payable to the title company, and their address is included on the contract.

Disney Vacation Club points purchased by resale can be used for accommodations at any of the 14 DVC resorts, as well as for RCI exchanges, Club Cordial and Club Intrawest. Members who purchase on resale, on or after March 21, 2011, are not be eligible to use their DVC points to make reservations for the Disney Cruise, Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection or the Adventurer Collection.