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DVC Membership

December 18, 2019

DVC Membership

 If you are looking for a DVC Memberships and want to work with a company that has experience, you’ve come to the right place! Our team has over 25 years of experience selling directly for the Disney Vacation Club. We have helped thousands of families purchase DVC memberships and would love to help you, too!

What Makes DVC Different from Traditional Timeshare?

Since 1991, the Walt Disney Company has been selling memberships into the Disney Vacation Club.  DVC offers a unique approach to timeshare ownership. Unlike traditional timeshare, DVC members are able to travel any time of year in various sized accommodations. A Disney membership is based on purchasing an annual allotment of vacation points, and using them as you choose every year.  Currently, members have access to 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts, 10 are located at Walt Disney World, but other destinations include Hawaii, California, South Carolina and Vero Beach, Florida. 

The Flexibility of Owning a DVC Membership

The flexibility of the Disney Vacation Club program is what members say they enjoy most about being part of the Club. The ability to not only stay at different resorts any time of year, but to choose from a variety of accommodations based on the number of people traveling that particular year. Maybe you’d like to skip this years’ vacation so that you’ll have twice the number of points next year—easy! Simply bank your points from this year into next year. What if you’re short 35 points for your trip and need to borrow from next years’ allotment of points? No problem!  

Whether you are looking to buy DVC because you love the fun and excitement offered at Walt Disney World, or you prefer the quiet relaxation of Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa in Oahu, Hawaii, or Disney’s Grand Californian Resort at Disneyland California, the Disney Vacation Club has something for everyone. If you’re like most DVC members, you’ll want to experience all 14 DVC Resorts.  That’s the benefit of purchasing your membership on the DVC resale market- you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of membership for 20-50% less than buying directly from Disney.  You’ll experience the highest quality of accommodations available regardless of which Disney Vacation Club you choose.

Which Home Resort is Right for your Family?

When purchasing a DVC Membership, you will need to choose a Home Resort. Currently, there are 14 Disney Vacation Club Resorts, most of which are located in Orlando, Florida. Purchasing a resale contract means that own a percentage of real estate at the resort. The percentage is represented by a number of DVC points that you receive every year.

So where should you own YOUR real estate interest? Our philosophy is to own at the resort that you like most. If you own at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower Resort for example, you would have Home Resort Priority at that location.  This gives you the opportunity to book as much as 11 months before your intended travel time at that resort only. At 7 months before your travel date, you (and any other member) can book at any DVC Resort. This 4 month window is what we refer to as Home Resort Priority, and it can be very important. If your family enjoys traveling during some of the busier weeks of the year such as Christmas, spring break, etc., then the 4 month priority window may be significant. If you visit Orlando during Disney’s Food and Wine Festival or Flower and Garden, for example, and you like to walk to Epcot– owning at either Disney’s Boardwalk Villas or Disney’s Beach Club Resort may be necessary. Those resorts are very much in demand during those times. 

DVC Points for Sale

To search our current list of inventory, please click on our Listing Page. There are many contracts to choose from and all different sizes of memberships. If you’re uncertain about the number of DVC points you’ll need, you’ll want to visit our Vacation Point Calculator. Simply input a typical vacation for your family and the calculator will tabulate the number of points you’ll need based on the room size, time of year and length of stay. Also, you’ll notice the difference in the number of points required for each DVC Resort.  

We hope that you’ll consider working with our experienced team of former Disney Vacation Club sales guides. We are eager to assist you, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an existing member looking to add to the size of your membership. If you’re ready to make an offer on a DVC Membership simply click Create an Account to get started.   

For more answers to your buying questions, please call or email a member of our DVC Sales team or visit our FAQ’s for buyers. Of course, we are available to chat online or contact us at (844) 382-7253. We look forward to working with you!