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Disney’s Riviera Resort

November 13, 2019

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) will soon open its newest Resort. Currently, Disney offers 14 Resorts with the first opening in 1991.

In December, the 15th property will open, and it’s already created quite a buzz amongst current DVC members. The Riviera Resort is the first that comes with more restrictions than any of Disney’s previous resorts. DVC resale owners may now use their resale points to stay here. This change not only impacts resale buyers, but those who purchase Riviera direct as well. If (or when) the direct buyer needs or wants to sell their interest in the Riviera, those points will have even greater restrictions for the new buyer.  The buyer who purchases a resale contract at Riviera will ONLY be able to use those resale points at Riviera and no other DVC Resort. This is an unusual change and one that many members feel will greatly decrease the value of purchasing Riviera directly from Disney.

Mediterranean Design

The design and theme of the Resort is distinctly Mediterranean. In 1935, Walt and Roy Disney vacationed in Europe, and this trip was known to have a great impact on both men. Imagines have designed this resort as a tribute to this trip.

Guests will enjoy a Parisian patisserie, a Quick Service restaurant and   pool-side bar. The star of the show, however, is Topolino’s Terrace– located on the roof of the Resort.

Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera will serve haute cuisine while providing a panoramic view of multiple park nighttime shows. It will be similar to the California Grill with a modern twist.

The Spanish, Italian, and French influences will be everywhere at Disney’s newest DVC Resort. Some social media influencers have posted some videos already, and it appears to be a beautifully appointed facility.

Although DVC resale buyers may not use their resale points to stay at the new Riviera Resort, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy dinner with a view at Topolino’s or stop in to enjoy a coffee and pastry at the Parisian Patisserie.